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     Chongqing  Lang Ke Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is a scientific research,development, production, sales as one of the private high-tech enterprises. Has focused on providing professional solutions to the industrial waste gas treatment, and strive to respect the natural environment, return to the natural environment, the effective implementation of energy-saving emission reduction, reduce environmental pollution and impact. Has been working to reduce the impact of the production process on the environment, protect people from harmful gases and smoke and dust, and create a more effective working environment.
      Lang Ke as the pursuit of quality of enterprise, constantly learning the advanced production process; standardized production process; strict quality inspection and control;while ensuring product quality, enterprise innovation, and constantly improve the quality of the domestic first-class enterprise brand cast lead.
      Lang Ke adhering to the "honesty, innovation oriented, hard to create top quality"products. The heart is foundation of enterprise innovation, win-win is our pursuit,perseverance, uphold the integrity of management services to our customers, and strive to customers are satisfied

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