Who we are

The World Forum on Theology and Liberation (WFTL), has as its objective and mission to be a space of convergence, encounter and exchange, with theologies and theologians around the world who commit themselves to the principle of liberation in their personal, regional and international contexts. Its identity is manifested in its production: exchanges, debates, publications, spiritual and artistic spaces, aligned with its thematic axes and its principles.


  1. Contribute to the construction of a worldwide network of contextual theologies in liberation perspectives.
  2. Integrate spiritual experiences, liberation practices and theological discourses.
  3. Include the participation of various liberation movements and organizations, with their many spiritualities and perspectives.
  4. Foster interreligious dialogue as an alternative to fundamentalism, with the aim of abolishing poverty and building peace.
  5. Discern how to become proactive in the processes of social transformation.
  6. Help to create intercultural, interreligious and inter-ethnic relationships based on inclusive equality from a gender perspective.
  7. Connect our deliberations with the values and proposals of the alterglobalist movement.

Download the Principles & Procedures

World Forum on Theology and Liberation (WFTL) 2021 in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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