World Forum on Theology and Liberation

Action and Promise

Struggling Against Violence, Building Justice and
Rethinking Relationality in the Time of Climate Change

With World Social Forum (WSF) – Mexico, May 1-6, 2022
Online, June 6-9, 2022


May 2, at WSF:

The workshop They didn’t leave, they were taken away: stories of hope in the midst of catastrophe, organized by the Basic Ecclesial Communities and WFTL took place this morning, May 2, at the World Social Forum.

We listened to the testimonies of the families of the disappeared. It was a moment of deep, moving and relevant encounter. How to do theology after the disappearances?

Thanks to participant Fran Bosh, who took away some of the strong statements from the workshop:
‘It’s not just Diego, it’s thousands of families searching.’
Veronika Rosas

‘Nobody prepared us for the horror we were going to find.
We just grabbed picks and shovels with the anxiety of being able to find our relatives.’

Mario Vergara

‘The families find encouragement in the popular reading of the bible. With stories of the search for the lost child for example’.

‘A woman gives them more money than cocaine because they sell them by the hour’.

‘The light on the road is to continue uniting, to continue searching for her, to continue fighting.
Lina Hernandez Lagunas

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Panel 4, 5th of May 2022:

Who we are

The World Forum on Theology and Liberation (WFTL), has as its objective and mission to be a space of convergence, encounter and exchange, with theologies and theologians around the world who commit themselves to the principle of liberation in their personal, regional and international contexts. Its identity is manifested in its production: exchanges, debates, publications, spiritual and artistic spaces, aligned with its thematic axes and its principles.

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In January 2003, during the third edition of the World Social Forum (WSF) in Porto Alegre, in a meeting between theologians, the idea arose of carrying out an activity on Liberation Theology in the programming of the World Social Forum. In July of the same year, during the Conference “Christianity and Society in Latin America” held at PUC in São Paulo, there was a meeting with representatives of the organizations that had promoted this conference, in order to discuss the idea.

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An ecumenical network of twenty-six theologians from different regions of the world who permanently accompany the organization of the WFTL through exchanges of communication and discussions.

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Call for papers

Deadline to submit a proposal – WFTL 2022: March 11, 2022.

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