III World Forum on Theology and Liberation

Belém – Brazil, 2009

The third edition, in the middle of the Amazon, turned to ecological care, and theology also wants to make its contribution to this. Beliefs, spiritual sensitivity, sacred values are a double-edged sword: they can potentiate the destruction or redemption of mother earth. A sacralization of domination, of appropriation, of growth without measures, makes the change we need today for the continuity of life on earth impossible. Spiritual traditions have the potential, however, to focus on the sacredness that envelops all life, including, of course, the fragile form of human flesh. In the Amazon, territory is more from water than land, and the marriage of water and land is so intense that the Amazonians insisted on the motto “Water and Land for another possible world”. The meeting was held between January 21 and 25, 2009.

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