V and VI World Forum on Theology and Liberation

Tunis – March 2013 & March 2015

The 5th. WFTL was held at Tunis, from March 26th to 30th 2013. The 6th. was held at the same location, from March 23th. to 28th. 2015, in Tunis, Tunisia. These editions worked intensively on an assessment of WFTL’s first years, and on the methodological issues related to doing theology in the World Social Forum’s context. Mostly due to the specific methodological objectives of this forum, the delegation was smaller than as usual, and made from the WFTL International Committee and the Permanent Council. We pursued the objective of creating and fostering conditions for restructuring of the dynamics of organization and mediation of the WFTL, adjusting to the current reality the structural and institutional framework of the entities involved in the FMTL.

In preparing this forum we created a methodology group, constituted of Gerald D. Boodoo, Kochurani Abraham, Luiza E. Tomita and Luiz Carlos Susin. It was a step to decentralize the WFTL’s processes and share responsibilities. Some working groups were created along particular themes, coordinated by the methodological team. The themes were organized from 3 thematic axes formerly established by the WFTL, then expanded, aiming to develop more reflections around a “Liberation Principle” today, and its theological implications. These were:

  • The “Liberation Principle”
  • Liberation and democracy
  • Human rights, Rights of the poor
  • Environmental justice and food security
  • Climate migrants and territorialities
  • New languages and return to archeological symbolic/mythical forms
  • Pact of religions with “left” policies
  • Peace and religious solidarity
  • ‘Youth’ and ‘Gender’
  • Feminism and Democracy
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