11th World Forum on Theology and Liberation

The 11th. World Forum on Theology and Liberation was held in Kathmandu, Nepal, from February 13th. to 19th., 2024. More of a seminar than a conference and working from a methodology of collaboration and sharing, the conversation focused on “Religion and politics: Critical views from the perspective of liberation and care”.

This focus was rich. It led us to discover the situation of Nepal between liberation and development. We could also connect 2 issues, presented in WSF program: Indigenous Spiritualities in the Nexus of Politics and Colonial Religions, and Palestine in the Nexus of Politics and Religious Rhetoric. Doing this, we created a propitious space for a real encounter between some indigenous, feminist theologians from South Asia, and some distinguished thinkers from Bethlehem, Palestine. Both recognized mutually some common grounds:  their connection to a land; their resilience; their desire for justice; and their desire to develop some collaboration together. From this, the delegation decided to develop a theological program about theology after Gaza, as the war of the Israeli army against Gaza had been raging for 4 months.

Download here the Statement of the World Forum on Theology and Liberation (WFTL) at the 2024 Kathmandu World Social Forum (WSF).

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