IX World Forum on Theology and Liberation

Online, January 2021

The pandemic of Covid unsettled the plans of so many organizations around the world and WFTL was affected too. Alike with the World Social Forum, WFTL decide to organize a forum online, from 26th. To 29th. of January, a real challenge for a forum committed to « real » life. The forum explored these topics in webinars :

  • 01/29 – 1 pm – Intergenerational Dialogue and Secular and Pluralist Spirituality in Youth Movements
  • 01/28- 1pm – Theology and the global crisis provoked by Covid 19.
  • 01/28 – Dismantling violence and injustice: conversations about religion, gender studies and feminist theologies
  • 01/26 – 1 pm – Pros and cons of the current role of Latin American Theology
  • Youth, Intergenerational Dialogue and Liberating Spirituality

The global perception that pervaded these panels – highlighted by the oddity feeling of meeting online, is that « the world will never be the same » : the very title of the collection edited after that by Luiza E. Tomita and Roberto E. Zwetch : O mundo jamais será o mesmo: Teologias de libertação em tempos de pandemia. Editora Fundaçao Fenix, Porto Alegre, 2021.

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