Action and Promise: Struggling Against Violence, Building Justice and Rethinking Relationality in the Time of Climate Change

This forum was planned to be hybrid, in the City of Mexico. However, the organizing process was so much perturbated by covid – as the World Social Forum was too – that it eventually developed in a forum online, a format not expected months before. What could have been a negative outcome changed into a creative moment, as we seized the opportunities for an expanded conversation across the world, including areas not included before. We had 42 panelists from Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar, Palestine, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America. The forum was held in 4 languages with translation.

At the end of this forum there was a panel of assessment and reflection about the WFTL’s future. So far, a consensus is emerging in WFTL about the importance of becoming more independent to WSF, while cultivating our connection with it. We decided to pay more practical attention to WSF as a permanent, ongoing process, with a diversity of forums, mostly local and national and around a diversity of topics – instead of just an event every two years. We decided to develop concrete possibilities in this way.

This forum was held in May and June 2022, online. Here, you can find the call for papers and the official program in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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